Ceramic Capacitors (NITTOCON)

Ceramic Capacitors (NITTOCON) – NITTO DENJI CO., LTD.

NITTOCON brand High Powew Ceramic Capacitors for Broadcasting, Wireless communications, Medical, X-ray, Laser and Plasma generators, Microwave dielectric heating, Induction heating power supplies and more. Proud of Japan Made.

We can supply replacement for Toshiba RDF140C-S, RDF110C-S and CDF140AS capacitors and Murata too.

Please feel free to contact with us at sales@try-all-jpn.com or fill in Inquiry Form.

Green Color body

"R" Titanium Oxide

Blue Color body

"S" Steatite

Orange Color body

"M" Magnesium Titanate


"B" Barium Titanate

*the contents are being developed and will be renewal soon