AIKOH 2Z01H : 2-Port Isolation Amplifier

AIKOH ELECTRIC has made 3-port isolation amplifier for key industries use and has been receiving very good reputation through users.
On the other hand, they studied more price cutting, and developed 2-port 2Z01H that can be widely used for fields of Measurement instruments and Medical instruments etc. on the market. 2Z01H is low cost model but no sacrificed and no compromised for reliability and quality from A to Z.

2Z01H is considered withstand voltage, low capacitive coupling, the linearity, and the stability demanded as no less smart than 3-port isolation amplifier.

*Passed Dielectric Strength test(AC2500V/min.) between I/O, additionally Corona test and official JEM1103,1334 tests.

*Capacitive coupling between I/O achieves 10pF(typ.) is amazing and secures safety to the high through-rate signal.

*Linearity achieves 0.05% (typ.) , 0.1%(max.) for the input of ±5V. In addition, consumption current is very low as 0.6mA(typ.) and 1mA(max.) for standard 15V. It is less than 1/10 compared to conventional model. This makes tremendous improvement in reliability.

*Lead pins differ quite from a single in-line structure of the lead frames which other manufactures made. Lead pins are solder plating on phosphorus bronze cores.(Fig.1)
I/O lead pins are aligned symmetrical position for safety and ease of soldering,
at the same time, preventing for misalignment of mounting.

*Meets Quake resistance JIS-E4031 2 and B without any holding fixture.

2Z01H is very cost conscious and AIKOH ELECTRIC offers confidently 2Z01H likewise proven 3-port 3Z200.

1. Input
  Voltage Range0 – ±5V
  Input Impedance25kΩmin.
  Maximum Input Voltage±9V
2. Output
  Voltage Range0 – ±5V
  Output Impedance2.5kΩmax.
  Transmission Rate0.94 – 0.99V/V
 1)Temperature Drift50ppm/°C
    Offset Voltage±10mV(typ.)
 2)Temperature Drift20μV/°C
    Frequency Response8(-3dB)kHz
    Output Ripple Voltage30mV
3. Isolation Characteristic
  I/O Withstand Voltage(1min.)2500ACVrms
  I/O Capacitance10pF(typ.)
  Common-Mode Rejection Ratio120(AC50Hz)dB
4. Power Supply
  Operating Voltage Range10 – 16V
  Power Consumption0.6mA(typ.)
5. Ambient Temperature
  Operating Temperature Range-25 – 85°C
  Storage Temperature-30 – 85°C
6. Weight25g