NEUTONE Muscle Hardness Tester TDM-N1 / TDM-Z1(RB)

Measuring Muscle Hardness is very important to be known by Chiropracticians, Acupuncturers, Athletic trainers, Knowledgeable doctors, Medical scientists and so on. However, there was no affordable Muscle Hardness tester in the world till ours has launched. Our finest Muscle Hardness Testers: called NEUTONE is developed under accomplished technology and is made of highest quality materials at ISO factory by our severe standards, Made in Japan.
The one of breakthrough features is Ball-point Sensing Pin designed at preventing stress, scratching, harm on skin during measurement operation (Patented Product). Compact and light weight design for carrying and tireless operating.

Result of using sophisticated one-chip microcomputer, The NEUTONE TDM-Z1(RB) is the faster, easier, smarter way to measure Muscle(Soft Tissue) hardness.
The NEUTONE TDM-Z1(RB)is operated by rechargeable battery (no need exchange battery like Dry-cell operation).
The NEUTONE TDM-Z1(RB) features automatically display average measuring value (2-9 times), stores measuring value, also exports to your personal computer as CSV file of measuring value.
For measuring the Muscle(Soft Tissue) hardness,the spring-loaded presser is pressed downwards until trigger switch on. This ensures a constant pressure and prevents measuring errors.


Operation is as simple as pressing down, till touching stopper.
A constant-pressure assures uniform pressure preventing false reading due to differences between operators.
Very affordable price but no compromised in quality.

NEUTONE Hi-Precision Algometer TAM-1

We launched New Algometer
Produced at ISO 9001 factory in Japan.
For Doctors, Chiropractors, Acupuncture, Rihab, Pain clinic, Orthopedic, Physical therapy and New drug development.

 • Range 0-50 newtons
 • Very accurate F.S.±0.4%
 • Maximum reading
 • Light weight
 • 3-kind Pressing chips
 • Made in Japan)